Amarone Barrel

The project was conceived to give an identity to Amarone lovers so that they could collect a bottle from a range of crops of this exclusive and premium quality
wine, every year.
Secondly, this enable us being in a privileged relationship with our customers, making possible the realization of a common project.

The idea of having our own oak barrels cellar came from our passion to develop an exclusive and at the same time very high quality product continuously.
The barrels are stored in our Fumane’s cellar which has 48 barrels of 100 litres each andare aimed to targeted high profile clients who we produce custom barrels.

As to witness this iniative’s success, Costa Crociere, world’s most prestigious cruises company has selected 14 of these barrels, each of which is  aimed to a ship of their fleet.
The remaining 34 barrels have been selected by other exclusive clients worldwide.
Every day, Amarone Aneri custom barrels owners would be able to check the ripening of their own exclusively selected barrel through a webcam installed in our cellar.