The family

In the beginning it was only the product of an artisan coffee roasting, founded in Florence in 1949. After a while ‘è Tricaffè’ started drawing the attention of important clients. è Tricaffè can be found in such well-known places as the Rocco Forte hotels chain, Gilli and Pascowsky cafes in Florence, Four Seasons Restaurant in New York, Dal Bolognese restaurants in Rome and Milan, and from Hotel Splendido in Portofino to Cipriani in Venice – just to name a few. Aneri’s family-created coffee blend ‘è Tricaffè’ has even been sipped during G7 and G8 summits.

è Tricaffè coffee truly reflects our company’s philosophy: excellence in quality is our ultimate goal. To achieve this, rather than competing with the large

coffee-roasting companies, ‘è Tricaffè’ produces coffee in limited quantities, for which the roasting process is taken care of with ac- curacy: from the selection of the beans right up to the roasting – which utilises acacia wood to allow a slow roasting – a traditional method that nowadays can be well considered a luxury in terms of costs. The blend thus obtained is left to stand in our storehouse for about a week, far longer than the timing required for the roasting of coffee which uses modern technology. Miscela d’Autore, our top blend, is our reward for this choice.