è Giornalismo Award


Known as the Italian Pulitzer, ‘è Giornalismo’ was founded back in 1994 by Giancarlo Aneri together with three friends who are considered as the all-times most respectable italian journalists: Indro Montanelli, Enzo Biagi and Giorgio Bocca who were also part of the jury.

The awards ceremony takes place every year in Milan where most acclaimed journalists, finance and media people get together on this convivial occasion.
Throughout the past several years the foremost award winners include Gianni Riotta, Gian Antonio Stella, Ettore Mo, Claudio Rinaldi, Natalia Aspesi, the cartoonist Francesco Tullio Altan, Antonio Ricci, Bill Emmott (former director of The Economist), Barbara Spinelli, Francesco Giavazzi, Fabio Fazio, Milena Gabanelli, Attilio Bolzoni and Sergio Romano.

The award is presented to the Journalist of the year who is selected by an appointed jury which also include Gianni Riotta and Gian Antonio Stella.

2016 Edition

Showman Fiorello presented 2016 edition of è Giornalismo award to the winning journalist Enrico Mentana. The ceremony took place at Milan’s Principe di Savoia Hotel. The prize has been awarded to La7 Tg director by a jury composed of entrepreneur Giancarlo Aneri, former founder of the award, and journalists Giulio Anselmi, Mario Calabresi, Paolo Mieli, Gianni Riotta, Gian Antonio Stella and the newly arrived Massimo Gramellini. E’ Giornalismo award is now at its 21st edition and was founded back in 1995 by Indro Montanelli, Enzo Biagi, Giorgio Bocca and Giancarlo Aneri. The past editions of the prize went to Ettore Mo, Antonio Ricci, Fabio Fazio, Natalia Aspesi, Milena Gabanelli, Sergio Romano, Claudio Magris, Massimo Gramellini, Fiorello, Gianni Riotta, Gian Antonio Stella and Mario Calabresi. Amongst the distinguished guests: Michelle Hunziker with her daughter Aurora, Roberta Armani, Inge Feltrinelli, Cristina Parodi with her husband Giorgio Gori, Benedetta Parodi and Fabio Caressa, Urbano Cairo, Vittorio Feltri, Tomaso and Maria Luisa Trussardi.

Enrico Mentana won E’ Giornalismo Awards 2016 – Nino Luca Video- Corriere Tv)

è giornalismo award to Enrico Mentana – 28.09.2017

The Jury