É Tricaffè Miscela d’Autore Single-dose capsule

É Tricaffè Miscela d’Autore Single-dose capsule

Our challenge was to create a unique coffee blend on the premises of our own roasting founded in 1949 and still using a slow fire from our acacia wood burning stove. This allowed us to obtain a unique coffee blend discernible among many others.

Our research began two years ago; we chose to be accompanied by Sandalj Trading Company of Trieste that is considered the most prestigious coffee importer in Italy and together we narrowed the search to Central America, home to fine and aromatic Arabica coffees. We selected four different growers in three different municipalities of Nicaragua and we found four micro-batches of coffee with unique and unexpected flavor notes.

In Dipilto, in a location called Tablazon in a the plantation called Las Promesas De San Blas at an altitude of 1200 meters we selected a coffee with a discreet and luscious body, with aromas of citrus the clementine which subsequently bring out a sweet note of vanilla and walnut.

In Las Nubes, in a plantation called El Roble, at an altitude of 1400 meters, we found a coffee with medium acidity and aromas of quince and an aftertaste that brings out a pleasant hint of caramel.

In the Macuelizo area, in a location called Brujil, in the plantation of Los Granadillos, at an altitude of 1350 meters, we found a coffee with a medium to full body, low acidity, recalling fresh walnut notes which give rise to peaks of pepper and cocoa and aftertaste which highlights aromas of malt, caramel and dried fruit.

In Mozonte, near El Pinabete, in the plantation called El Recuerdo, at an altitude of 1550 meters, we discovered a coffee with a full and luscious body, with intense aromas reminiscent of linden blossoms and whose low acidity brings out a lovely aroma of juicy mandarin, enriched with an important vein of linden honey and marmalade.

At a later time we discovered and decided to add a further micro-batch of coffee from a country and a region that we want to keep secret; an exceptional coffee that with its notes of cocoa, and his streak of ginger and honey has given further elegance fullness and completeness to an already sumptuous cup.

For the shipment of raw coffee, in order to maintain maximum freshness through time we decided not to use the usual jute bags of 60 kgs each. We choose instead to have the whole 3.600 Kgs harvest packed in vacuum bags of 15 kg each, for a blend that would become a veritable nectar; this is the result of our research for the creation of a unique blend with a secret recipe, whose roasting process still follows tried and tested traditions, using acacia wood to allow a slow roasting process that preserves all the natural characteristics and flavors of the beans.